China's 5A-level tourist attractions Huaqing Pool deployed Akıllı Medikal Ateş Ölçer El Terminali
  • Apr 07,2020
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With the improvement of the domestic epidemic situation, major tourist attractions have gradually opened up.

On April 1, the first batch of national 5A-level tourist scenic spots in Shaanxi Province, Huaqing Pool, resumed normal operation.

In order to ensure the tourist safety of the vast number of tourists, Huaqing Palace Scenic Spot has adopted a full range of disinfection and epidemic prevention measures for the internal and external environment, and has formulated a series of emergency Yüksek verimlilik, yüksek kalite, garanti avantajı Profesyonel ürünler ve hizmet plans.

In terms of temperature measurement when entering the park, Cilico Akıllı Medikal Ateş Öçler, with its unique advantages of rapid deployment, traceability, and identification information such as health codes / ID cards, helps the scenic spot to prevent epidemic efficiently.

[Cilico reports on temperature measurement deployment plan for scenic spot]

[Cilico temperature reader is used to enter the park temperature detection]

Cilico temperature reader provides epidemic protection for more scenarios such as smart construction sites, smart scenic spots, and school resumption of classes with rapid deployment, traceability, and integrated solutions!


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